Adding and Moving WordPress Blocks

I decided to make a very brief video demonstrating some basic methods used when building a page with the WordPress block editor.

One of the most useful features is block navigation; that little icon up towards the left hand corner of the screen. It’s easy to lose track of which block you have selected. Block navigation shows you where you are and helps you move to the next block that you want to use, by clicking on it in the dropdown list.

The video shows me do the following:

  • Add a paragraph block
  • Add a columns block with 2 columns
  • Put a text block in one of the columns
  • Put an image block in the other column
  • Duplicate the text block and edit the text
  • Use block navigation to select the columns block
  • Increase the number of columns to 3
  • Move one of the text blocks into the 3rd column
  • Move the columns block above the first paragraph block.

UPDATE: Moving blocks looks a little different in WordPress version 5.5 – see the video below by Toolset.

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  1. I was feeling really anxious about learning how to use Blockeditor until this video- a million thanks for this great article and video!


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