Privacy Notice

The Personal Information That I Hold About Clients

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Telephone Number (occasionally)
  • Address (rarely)
  • Job title/occupation/role
  • Photographs (sometimes)

Clients may also send me details about themselves that they would like to be displayed on a website that I am building for them. By definition, this is information that they are happy to share publicly.

How I Share This Information

Contact Details

Details that I have collected purely for the purpose of contacting my clients (e.g. email addresses and telephone numbers) are never shared with anyone else and are not used to send marketing emails or newsletters.

Information Intended to be Displayed on Clients’ Websites

These are details of the client and their business/organisation that they intend to be displayed publicly on their own website. This information will be shown on the client’s website and may also be included in a blog post about the project on my own website. Clients may request that I do not write a blog post about the work I have done for them and I will always respect such a request.


If I have photographed a client then I may include the photographs in my online portfolio. Clients may ask me not to do so, if they prefer.

Requesting Me to Delete Personal Data

Clients may contact me and request me to delete any emails or texts from them, any written notes containing personal information, any photographs of themselves and any mention of their name, or other personal information, that is displayed on my website.

Invoices or proof of payment (by the client or myself), will not be destroyed as they are required for accounting / tax purposes.