Website for MJD Homes

John Holman, of MJD Homes, contacted me to ask me to help him set up a simple website to display photographs of the houses built by him and his business partners. John had looked into making the site himself, using Weebly, but had decided that it would be more sensible to delegate this task.

He had already thought about how the site should be structured and had drawn diagrams showing what the various pages might look like. He’d also been looking at the websites of other property developers to give him some ideas. Fortunately, John and his partners had already taken photographs of their projects and he was able to provide me with copies of these to use on the site.

We discussed John’s requirements and agreed that Squarespace would be a good platform to use for the MJD Homes website.

As a starting point, I came up with a couple of possible looks for the new website using the Pacific template – with a full screen slideshow, and the Five template – with a dark blue menu bar.

Proposed mjd homes site using Squarespace Pacific template


Proposed mjd homes site using Squarespace Pacific template


I asked John for feedback and he felt that he would like us to use the Five template, but he suggested some changes to the colour scheme, background and alignment. Squarespace makes it relatively easy to change this sort of thing very quickly, so I was able to try out different looks and show them to John while we talked.

The final design is shown below and you can visit the site here:


MJD Homes website using Squarespace



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