Website for Alison’s Oven

Alison worked extremely hard at her catering business and needed a simple website that she did not have to worry about maintaining.

She was prepared to compromise on the layout and appearance of the site, as long as it enabled her to display clearly her range of home-cooked food and her contact details, so she chose to use

Initially, we built the site using the Sketch theme, and for several months it looked like this.

However, after a while, Alison decided that she would like the sidebar to be displayed on all the pages of her website, and would like to switch to another theme. This process is pretty straightforward with WordPress. After considering a few alternatives, we went with the Big Brother theme, as shown below.

A couple of years later, Alison re-located from Northamptonshire to Staffordshire and re-launched her business. Since the Big Brother theme was no longer supported, we switched again – this time to the Karuna theme and the WordPress block editor.

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