Finishing Touches for YogaDeal

I can’t take the credit for the YogaDeal website. I did have a chat with yoga teacher, Pamela Deal, and talked her through how to use WordPress but, thanks to her previous computing experience, she was able to set up her website herself.

However, once the site was almost complete, Pamela hired me to make a few little changes. These included altering the size of some of the headlines and the featured images and replacing the heart that was displayed between blog posts with an OM symbol.

Before My Changes


yoga deal before changes


After My Changes


yoga deal after changes


You can visit the YogaDeal website here:


Thank you all your help and support Jane. I am quite pleased with my first attempt at WordPress, but glad that you were there to help ‘tweak’ my site to give it a more professional appearance. Wishing you continued success with your business – “highly recommended” from me! – Pamela Deal

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