What I Need From You

If you decide to hire me to help you with your website, I’ll ask you to answer as many of the following questions as possible. You don’t have to answer them all and remember that nothing is set in stone – content and styles can be changed even after the site is complete.

The Purpose of Your Website

Why do you want a website?

What action do you want people to take as a result of visiting your site and is this different for different sections of the site?


What sections do you want your site to have? For example:

  • About
  • What you do
  • Contact form
  • Testimonials
  • How to find you
  • FAQ
  • Image Gallery

Do you want a blog as part of your website? Note that this does not have to be called “blog”; it could be: Latest News, News, Updates, Diary, Journal, Recent Work, Articles.

If you do want a blog, then do you want your blog posts to be shown on the home page of your site, or on a separate page?

Please provide as much content, e.g. text and images, as possible. It doesn’t matter if this is just a draft as it can easily be changed. Please ensure that all photographs,  and other images, have been legally obtained and respect the copyright and licensing requirements of their creator.

The Look and Feel of Your Website

Do you have a good idea of the structure, layout and appearance that you want? If so, please describe this and, if you can,  include sketches, diagrams and / or examples.

  • Do you want a sidebar on all, some or none of your pages?
  • Would you prefer the website to have a boxed format (i.e. a background image with the website content in a box in the middle) or to be full width?
  • Please give me some links to websites with features that you either like or dislike.
  • Do you have any graphical elements, such as a logo, photos or illustrations, that you would like to include?
  • What sort of person is your site aimed at?

To make the various decisions about your website’s appearance less overwhelming, I’ve put together some “Pick and Mix” website styles, options for fonts, colour schemes and backgrounds. Please let me know which of these styles you would like me to base your site on, choose the fonts and colour scheme and either choose a background that I’ve suggested or provide me with your own background image.

When considering the appearance of your site, you may find it helpful to put together a mood board to help you reflect on styles that you like. This could be pictures from magazines, photos you take yourself or a board on Pinterest.

It may also be useful to think of words that describe your vision for your site.

Words to describe a website's look and feel


Choosing a platform….