Building My “Boxed” Demo Site – Part 2 Photo Galleries and Slideshow

Adding Image Galleries with the FooGallery Plugin

I wanted the homepage of my “Boxed” demo website to consist of a grid of images, each of which was linked to one of the gallery pages that I had created earlier (see my previous blog post “Building My “Boxed” Demo Site – Part 1“). I used the free FooGallery plugin to make a gallery containing these images, and chose to use a Masonry Image Gallery with the following settings:

  • Thumb width = 200
  • Masonry Layout = 3 columns
  • Gutter Size = Normal
  • Thumbnail Link = Custom URL

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Building My “Boxed” Demo Site – Part 1

Boxed is one of a handful of WordPress websites that I’ve set up to demonstrate some of the different formats that can be achieved using my favourite WordPress theme, GeneratePress with its Premium modules.

Please note that this is an affiliate link, as described on my Privacy and Cookie Notice page. I am happy to recommend GeneratePress and you can find out why it’s my favourite theme by reading my blog post “Flexible, Customisable WordPress Themes“.

The Boxed site demonstrates the following:

  • colours and fonts set using GeneratePress Premium’s customiser options
  • the “separate containers” layout
  • different backgrounds for the body and content areas of the site
  • blog posts with a masonry grid layout
  • a navigation menu on the side of the page.

The layout of the site is inspired by the “Sider” GeneratePress site which uses CSS code to move the navigation menu to the side. The easiest and quickest way for you to build this kind of website from scratch might be to install Sider as a starting point. However, for this exercise, I chose to use some of Sider’s code in my site’s additional CSS area, as I will describe later in this post.

  • This first article explains how I set up and customised the website and then added code copied from the “Sider” site to move the navigation menu.
  • Part two will be about using the FooGallery and Smart Slider 3 plugins to add galleries and a slideshow.

Read moreBuilding My “Boxed” Demo Site – Part 1 Pick & Mix Websites could be thought of as a watered down version of WordPress but in a secure, fully managed environment. Sometimes you may not need all the power and flexibility of self-hosted WordPress and would prefer not to have to maintain your website yourself.

If you think it’s the right choice for you, then I could build you a website using the Sequential or Sketch theme.


View live demo built with the Sequential theme

View live demo built with the Sketch theme

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